What pet "people" have to say.

Jay: "I wanted to let you know that this weekend was my first chance to use the beds I bought from you.
I love them and they matched really well. The material you picked is also very good for persians
because it does not pull out coat at all."

Tracey: "My cats LOVE those cat beds u made me!!! I can't believe it...it is crazy
I have A LOT of cat stuff for them, but that is all they lay on." Check out her cats on YouTube

Valere: "I ordered this bed from Kathryn for Mariah, my rotten-child choc meezer. Purple is her favorite color and she is a Ribbet Lover extraordinaire. She started fetching a blue/black spotted frog, known always after that as a Ribbet, when she was just a kitten. We are many Ribbets down the line these days as she will be 9 in May, but she still fetches her current Ribbet and pronounced her new bed a Ribbet Lover's delight! She and I thank you, Kathryn! Mariah is curled up on it now!"

Mary: "I love their new pet bed, best of all my cats do too! It's great for shows because it fits so snug in the cage, and the cats are comfy with plenty of room."

Mark: "The bed you made for our dog arrived and we really appreciate it. The colors go great with our living room and it's a good size for the dog."

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